September 25, 2018
e.oman Awareness
In order to achieve a digital Oman Society, a comprehensive eOman Awareness campaign is key to bring about success in preparing businesses and people to participate fully within the digital society.

In this regard, the Information Technology Authority (ITA) began the eOman awareness campaign in May 2006 in celebration of World Telecommunication and Information Society Day and is still going on up to date.

The campaign covers various activities aim toward building ICT capacity within the nation by organizing seminars, conferences and road shows throughout the country. The campaign focuses on a direct contact and interaction with the public through participating at major events like Muscat festival and Salalah Festival as well as being part of Comex exhibition, in addition to producing required communication reach through the mass media.

The ITA also plays a major role in promoting the efforts excelled by both the government and private sectors in elevating the Sultanate among the top advanced countries in ICT. ITA ensures participating in regional and international events where various ITA projects are highlighted. The ITA also monitors regional and international ICT reports around the globe and keeps notes of the fundamental indicators to help in planning and decision making.

Project Benefits
  • Promotes eOman within Oman and internationally
  • Creates an effective link between the public and private sector for digital initiatives
  • Creates an ICT awareness within society and enables people to perceive benefits
  • Educates and empowers public sector employees and the community at large to participate in the knowledge society
  • Showcases eServices in Oman and increases adoption of IT and eServices
  • Creates opportunities for public and private sector enterprises to interact with the public and thus bridges the digital divide.
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