His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said – may God protect him – has issued a Royal Grant bestowing one free laptop for each beneficiary family of the social insurance that has at least one child or more registered in the K-12 school system, as well as granting one free personal computer per student in these families who are presently enrolled in higher education studies. The grant also includes a subsidization of the cost of a personal computer for students of higher education enrolled in the first year of study in the Sultanate, in addition to teachers who are graduates of the Government IT Training & Certification (GITTC) project.

In the 4th quarter of year 2011 the Information Technology Authority launched the second phase of the National Initiative for the personal computer (NPC) as a continuation of the Royal Grant to target the families of social insurance and their students enrolled in higher education, in addition to the higher education students enrolled in the first year of study in the Sultanate and teachers according to the conditions and details announced in advance. It provides a personal computer bundle including a computer and other basic requirements vary from one segment to another to support the affordability and provide an opportunity for the various segments of Omani society to use the computer system platform.