The Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology launched the National Initiative for Digital Competencies (Makeen), that aims to qualify Omani youth with modern digital skills that are highly required in the labor market. The initiative also seeks to provide income-generating opportunities for Omani youth in the digital sector by 2025, as one of the ministry's objectives in the tenth five-year plan.

Makeen is working, in partnership with a group of leading local and international educational and training institutions in the communications and information technology sector for qualifying 10,000 Omanis with digital skills by 2025. This will take part in supplying the labor market with national competencies commensurate with the rapid development of the business environment and the growing need for technical competencies. This initiative was launched in September 2022 as part of the initiatives of the Executive Program for Digital Industry under the National Program for Digital Economy. The execution of this initiative is being supervised by the Future Skills Development Department.