The Content and Digital Marketing Department is implementing an initiative concerned with technical informatics awareness and digital marketing for the communications and information technology sector. Through its accounts on social media, "Techana" displays information, numbers, indicators, awareness and marketing materials aiming to boost efforts to spread digital awareness, attract investment, localize emerging technologies and achieve growth and progress in the sector.

  "Techana" focuses on two main aspects:

Information Awareness

Through its electronic platforms, “Techana” seeks to provide educational and marketing content characterized by simplicity, clarity and brevity on various aspects of technology, including: emerging technologies, projects of the National Programme for the Digital Economy, information security, and the digital lifestyle.


Digital Marketing

Through its electronic platforms, “Techana” contributes to the local and international promotion of the Sultanate of Oman as an attractive environment for digital innovations and the information and communication technology industry. It also helps in introducing available incentives and benefits such as: tax exemptions and world-standard infrastructure for hosting major projects. “Techana” also seeks to promote Omani SMEs working in ICT to support them in enhancing their competitive capabilities to grow and develop.


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