It is a specialized center in the technical field affiliated with the Tech Ecosystem Development Department that focuses on developing technical and emerging companies in the growth stage by working to improve the legislative environment for the emerging technology companies, and working with relevant authorities from the public and private sectors to strengthen the emerging technology companies’ system, and provide a range of services to support it in commercial expansion.


The Center’s Objectives for 2025

  1. Increasing the number of emerging technology companies in ICT sector to 161 companies.
  2. Contribute to increasing the contribution of the ICT sector to the GDP by 3%.
  3. Contribute to stimulating and developing the system of emerging technology companies and improving the procedures and the supportive legislative environment.
  4. Improving the chances of participation of SMEs in the ICT sector in government tenders by 20%.
  5. 30 companies in the sector recorded high growth in their Compound annual growth rate (CAGR( ~ 10%.
  6. Creating (100) opportunities in developing projects and partnerships for Omani technical companies inside and outside Oman.
  7. Contribute to the listing of an Omani technology company in the stock market.
  8. Enabling the development sectors (education, health and food security) and the economic sectors (logistics, tourism, industry, mining and construction) to utilize technology for the improvement of efficiency and performance.


Target Groups

  • Technology Companies
  • Governmental and private agencies.
  • Institutions contributing to the system of emerging technology companies
  • Startups that want to expand their business