International Unions and Organizations


A list of international and regional organization which the sultanate joined:

Arab league and Azerbaijan


A list of cooperation pacts and MoU between the Sultanate and a friend country in land transport sector:

Current status
International land transport cooperation pact between the sultanate and Turkey (2004)
Land transport pact between the sultanate and Syria (2005)
- Cooperation in land transport and shipping between Sultanate o of Oman and Yemen Republic (2006)     Approved
- International transport pact on roads between the Sultanate of Oman and The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (2013)     Approved
- International Goods and passenger land transport pact between Sultanate of Oman and UAE    
Currently being inked
- MoU signed between the ministry of transport and communications  in the sultanate and the ministry of public works and transport in Spain    
inked and not approved