Private accreditation program

Ministry of Transport,Communications and Information Technology (MTCIT) is responsible for preparing a register of IT Service Providers that comply with the criteria set by the Ministry for experts, consultants and contractors, who provide IT services to the government administrative units of the country. This responsibility stems from the Ministry's roles and responsibilities outlined by Royal Decree (63/2019).

Accordingly, the Ministry of Transport,Communications and Information Technology (MTCIT) is executing an accreditation program for IT service providers with specific technical & administrative requirements and standards, which allow IT service providers to deliver their services with quality, transparency and ability to meet the requirements of IT services in government administrative units. Following are the main fields covered in the accreditation:

  • Consultation
  • Solution development & implementation
  • Information & cyber security
  • Database applications
  • Infrastructure development & implementation
  • Hosting services
  • Other IT services


Released circular for Cloud and Hosting services and Security Assessment services.

Released circular for Managed Security services and Professional Security services.

To whom it applys? 


The Accreditation program is applied to all IT service providers who are willing to deliver their services to the government administrative units in the country.


Assessment Partners

MTCIT is partnering with assessment partner(s) to conduct the technical assessment required for issuing the accreditation certification.  IT Service providers will be required to pass the technical assessment as a prerequisite to apply for the accreditation. MTCIT has also agreed with the Assessment Partner(s) on fixed fees for conducting the technical assessment to be paid directly by the applicants (Service Provider) to the assessment partner.

The list of the assessment partner(s) and accreditation fees are provided for the each service in the page (List of Services under the Accreditation Program).


MTCIT Accreditation Fees

The accreditation fees consists of the following:

  1. Accreditation application fees

Fixed fees received by MTCIT as a direct beneficiary of the accreditation process to cover the expenses of the procedures for reviewing accreditation applications and issuing certificates of accredited service providers. This fee is to be paid by the applicant through the Invest Easy portal.


  1. Technical assessment fees

To be paid directly to MTCIT’s appointed technical assessment partners for the various services listed under the accreditation program. MTCIT has a signed and fixed price agreement for each service during the initiation of the technical assessment process to complete the accreditation application.


Considerations are given to small and micro enterprises according to the size of the company defined by Riyada, in addition to the possibility of giving exceptions in some cases to exempt them from the application fees as an incentive.


The following table shows the accreditation application fees for the accreditation program which will be received by MTCIT, according to the enterprise type:


Accreditation Renewal Fee in OMR

Accreditation Application Fee in OMR

Enterprise Type

Service Type


Free of Charge

Enterprise holding Entrepreneur Card (Riyada)

Security Assessment Services


Free of Charge

Other Enterprises

Free of Charge

Free of Charge


Cloud and Hosting Services