Government Compliance Program


The Ministry of Transport,Communications and Information Technology (MTCIT) is responsible for designing and developing policies, frameworks, standards and guidelines required in the IT field and ensure their implementation by the government administrative units, as stated in the Royal Decree for the establishment of the Ministry of Transport,Communications and Information Technology (MTCIT).

In line with the series of policies, standards and frameworks issued by the MTCIT, since its inception, to develop the work procedures in the field of Information Technology, MTCIT is working on a compliance program to follow up the implementation of all policies, standards and mandates issued for the government administrative units of the country.

Government Compliance Circular  (Download Here)


The program consists of:

  1. Self-assessment:

The government administrative units are requested to evaluate their adherence to all policies, standards and other mandating requirements published by MTCIT using the assessment link. (click here to go the assessment page)


** Only focal points and authroized employees from the government administrative units can enter the system.


  1. Compliance Audits:

MTCIT's compliance program team will carry field checks to ensure that the government administrative units comply with the issued policies, standards and frameworks.

  1. Follow up and reporting:

MTCIT is responsible under this program to produce the compliance reports to notify government administrative units on the results of the compliance audits and the gaps if there are any to take corrective actions, and does the regular follow up. A consolidated annual report of all audited government administrative units will be submitted to the Cabinet of Ministers by the end of the year to provide an overview on the status of the government compliance.