The most frequently asked questions in the Accreditation Program

1) How long is the Accreditation duration?

The accreditation duration is three years and every year there is a surveillance audit

2) Should we meet all the requirements?

Yes, all conditions and standards must be met and to review them, please visit the following website:

3) Is the 30% Omanisation Rate for all entire company?

The 30% Omanisation rate relates only to the technical team.

4) Does the accreditation certificate only allow the provision of services to a single government entity?

Once the accreditation certificate is obtained, the service provider will be able to provide its services to all government units and enter all tenders.

5) Is it necessary to obtain all the mentioned certifications in the standards?

No, not all certifications, just one certificate is enough.

6) Is payment fees required for every assessment?

Yes, each annual assessment requires a fee. For more information, please visit the following link:

7) Who is the technical partner?

SGS Company.  To communicate through the following channels:


Phone: +968 24482753

Website Link:

8) Are there any fees paid to the Ministry?

The Ministry does not charge fees.

9) Is it important to do an annual audit?

Yes, to ensure that all conditions and standards are met and whether the scope of service or technical team has changed

10) Is it necessary to complete 12 months of providing the service in the market so that we can obtain the accreditation certificate?

No, only for security assessment services.