Most frequently asked questions for complaints service

1) What is the complaints service in the accreditation program?

This service allows administrative government units apparatus to submit a complaint against IT service providers accredited by the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology.

2) What is the basis of this complaint?

The service provider’s violation of the standards and conditions approved by the MTCIT (the standards and conditions upon which the accreditation certificate was granted to the service provider). The standards and conditions can be viewed through the link:

3) What is the basis for classifying a complaint?

• Repetition (repeating complaints about the same violation and against the same service provider).

• Impact of the complaint (data leakage/material losses, loss of reputation, cessation of services).

• Documenting the complaint (strength and availability of evidence).

• In all cases, the classification of the complaint remains a matter of discretion.

4) What are the complaint classifications?

If the complaint is accepted, it is classified based on its degree of seriousness into: - low, medium, high.

*Low complaints: - Within 60 days:

• Notifying the service provider of the complaint.

• Dealing with the complaint directly.

• Follow-up by the accreditation team.

Failure to respond or repeat a complaint for the same violation leads to raising the level of classification of the complaint.


*Medium complaint

•– within 14 days: The violating service provider will be notified of the complaint and a corrective action plan will be requested from the service provider.

• The service provider is given 30 days to implement the corrective action plan, and the accreditation team follows up on the implementation of the corrective action plan every 15 days.

• After 30 days, if the service provider does not implement the corrective action plan, the name of service provider will be removed from the list of accredited providers .

• The service provider is given an additional 30 days after removing from the list of accredited providers in the Ministry. In the event of non-implementation, the complaint is classified as high risk.

*High complaints:

• Notifying the service provider.

• Within 7 days, the name of the service provider will be removed from the list of accredited providers in the MTCIT.

• The accreditation certificate will be withdrawn/ terminate and the service will be stopped.

5) Are there procedures I should take before filing a complaint?

The administrative government unit contacts the service provider and informs of the violation. Accordingly, an attempt is made to reach a settlement between it and the service provider. If a settlement is not reached, the administrative government unit submits a complaint to the MTCIT.

6) If I do not reach a settlement; How do I file a complaint?

• The focal point submits the complaint on the MTCIT website:

• Fill out the required data in the form.

• Submitting the complaint in Arabic + attaching the original evidence, including evidence of not reaching a settlement (if in English, attach a certified translation.)

• The complaint shall be filed within 30 days from the date of failure to reach a settlement.

• The accreditation team examines the subject of the complaint and decides on it within 14 days from the date of its submission.

7) What are the documents required to submit a complaint?

• Fill out the complaint form.

• Attach evidence (also in the QR).