Submit Complaints

Filing Complaints

This service aims to improve the quality of services providers who delivers the Information Technology services to the administrative government units. And implementing corrective measures for recurring issues and executing preventive actions to avoid their recurrence in the future.



Government Administrative Units.


Service providers

Companies accredited by MTCIT to deliver IT services for the government administrative units.


Service providers accredited by the MTCIT.

Competent authority

Ministry of Transport, Communications Information Technology.

Focal Point

The person nominated by the government unit to communicate with the competent authority regarding the complaint against the service provider.














Complaint Submission Requirements

  1. Violation of the standards specific to each service.
  2. Violation of the conditions specific to each service.

The criteria and conditions for each service can be found on the website


Submission Procedures

  1. Submit the complaint through the focal point of the administrative units in the MTCIT website.
  2. Fill in the required information in the form.
  3. Submit the complaint in Arabic, along with original evidence, including evidence of failure to reach a settlement (if the evidence in English, submit a certified translation).
  4. Raise the complaint within 30 days from the date of failure to reach a settlement.
  5. The accreditation team examines the subject of the complaint and issues a decision within 14 days from the date of submission.