Government IT Training & Certification in IT (Digital Literacy)


The Government IT Training and Certification (GITC) is one of the projects under NIITA. It aims to provide internationally recognized digital literacy certification to all civil service employees.

Project Benefits

  • Improves the skills and performance of civil servants
  • Empowers civil servants under the Ministry of Civil Services with ICT knowledge and skills to enable delivery of public sector e-services
  • Gives an equal chance of training for all civil servants
  • Helps MTC utilize GITC findings relating to infrastructure, processes, scheduling and observations for other training programs

The Community IT Training Project

The Community IT Training Project aims to provide Information Communication Technology Training opportunities to the citizens of Oman in order for them to fully participate in a digital, knowledge-based society.

The initiative aims to deliver digital literacy training programs to the community through the use of Community Knowledge Centers that will be established in all the governorates and various regions of the Sultanate.

Project Benefits

  • Reduces computer illiteracy and provides ICT training opportunities to all citizens of Oman
  • Creates employment opportunities for the youth of Oman
  • Creates adequate ICT awareness in order to prepare the community for a knowledge society