Oman Government Network

Oman Government Network is a  telecommunication infrastructure interconnecting government entities. It aims to support and link other eGovernment initiatives and to ultimately improve public services.

This state of art  Network is implemented by using Multi-Protocol Label switching (MPLS) technology that has the capability of supporting data, voice and video over the same infrastructure and will ensure service delivery according to predefined Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

The implementation and management of the Government Network has been outsourced to the Oman Telecommunication Company (Omantel), who has been investing heavily in the expansion of an MPLS-enabled, IP network. MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) can also be used to provide Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) which can be used to reduce traffic of different Ministries across the Government Network.

MPLS-based VPNs are also very flexible as they enable the addition of new sites to a certain Ministry VPN and  reconfiguration can be achieved with relatively minimal effort. The use of MPLS would also allow the use of traffic engineering to balance the traffic load on the various links within the network and thus makes it possible to utilize the network bandwidth more efficiently.

Project Benefits

•    Provides a secure network which government agencies can rely upon.
•    Reduces capital expenditure by saving the depreciation of the hardware and reduces cost of software procurement and licensing.
•    Reduces operational expenditure by saving  the cost of training required to manage the network efficiently.
•    Provides access to a management portal where the parameters such as availability, performance and bandwidth utilization can be monitored.
•    Relieves users from burdensome tasks such as follow-up with service providers.
•    Establishes solid service level commitments for ensuring quality of service.

Recent Statistics:

There are 70 government entities connected to Oman Government Network consisting of more than 1000 sites. 95 sites were connected during 2015.

OGN Services:

All OGN services are available online and can be applied using Omanuna portal.

You can also contact the OGN team via the following email: