Innovation and Support Center

The Innovation and Support Centre is managed by highly trained and qualified professional Omanis, not only to keep pace with global development in the provision of technical support services but also to lead this development. Over the past years, the center has proved its ability to lead the development in the areas of hosting, consultancy, project management services  and technical support at global levels.

ISC Objectives:
1.    Provide and Deliver Efficient IT Services.
2.    Oversee Best Practices in the Deployment of Technology Standardization across IT.
3.    Ensure Governance and Compliance.
4.    Enable Measurable Improvement of Government IT Knowledge.
5.    Improve Customer Satisfaction.

ISC Services:
1.    Support Services
2.    Training Services
3.    Consultancy Services
4.    Hosting Cloud Services
5.    Project Management

Support Services
 ISC Technical Support is devoted to help its customers through providing professional support by skilled technical professionals backed by enterprise support agreements with multiple vendors. It strives  to ensure consistent timely results that match your Government Entity needs. Support Services include both Proactive “Health Checks / Risk Assessments” and Reactive “Break Fix / Incidents” for Government Entities.

Training Services
The ISC Helps government entities’ IT resources to have the technical expertise and knowledge on the new Microsoft server products and solutions. Whether the IT resources are professional or new to the field, they can be assured that they will learn the latest, up-to-date practices.  ISC provides training that enables the government entity to manage and operate these solutions within the government entity itself. Our Expert Microsoft certified trainers deliver recurring workshop schedules targeting a variety of skill levels hosted within ISC training Labs.

Consultancy Services
We have   experienced consultants to create, expand or optimize your Microsoft server products, platforms and solutions. ISC helps government entities to provide the most effective method for developing, implementing and integrating the right solution into the business environment.

Hosting Cloud Services

1.Website Hosting: Web Hosting is an Internet hosting service that involves the provision  and management of organizations’ websites and allows them to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web.

2. Email Hosting:
 Email Hosting is an Internet hosting service that involves the provision and management of Microsoft Exchange mailboxes of organizations and their users.

3. SharePoint Hosting:
SharePoint Hosting is an Internet hosting service that involves the provision and management of Microsoft SharePoint based collaboration websites and sub-sites of organizations.

Project Management
Project management includes planning, designing, deploying, configuring and stabilization of Microsoft solution. The centre works on projects by determining the vision and the field based on Microsoft Best Practices and design as per industry standards. Our expert engineers handle onsite project, agreed upon signing a work order agreement.

Contact ISC

Innovation and Support Centre
Ministry of Transport,Communications and Information Technology
P.O. Box: 1807 Postal Code: 130 Azaiba
Sultanate of Oman
Tel: (+968) 24166777
Fax: (+968) 2416672

Technical Support e-mail:
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