Who are G-Cloud's customers?

G-Cloud is targeting public sector clients with access to MPLS and public networks. It offers a much faster time-to-market and more reliable infrastructure operational guarantees.

Can I use G-Cloud for hosting my public application?

Yes! G-Cloud provides a generic platform for running both intranet applications and wider public. Note that for public services security assessment must take place before applications are published.

How long will it take to create a project?

To create a new project all is required is a request to MTC with a short description of the project and contact persons. This will be used for validating the request - 1-2 days - once done you will be granted a network subnet as well as resource quota for the number of cores, memory and storage space. In the self-service portal you can then create and manage virtual infrastructure as you please.

Where my application would be hosted geographically?

G-Cloud is located in MTC National Data Center in Knowledge Oasis Muscat.

I have a Windows-based application. Can I use it?

Yes! Both Linux and Windows-based applications are supported to run on G-Cloud.

Will you take care of configuring and deploying my application?

No. G-Cloud is offering a self-service for infrastructure provisioning. Application and configuration management is in the hands of the customer.

Is it safe?

G-Cloud's architecture was designed in collaboration with MTC security experts. All incoming and outgoing traffic is processed. Operations of the G-Cloud are backed up by Before the public availability; any project will be validated by MTC security department.