Adopting the G-Cloud solution will insure that G-Cloud clients will benefit of the following:

  • Isolated and dispersed IT resources within Government entities will be replaced and supported by centralized IT infrastructure managed by MTC.
  • G-Cloud will insure a common infrastructure and data ownership for the cloud tenants, relieving third-parties involvement.
  • Simple and integrated management of resources.
  • Reduced IT budget for Government Authorities.
  • Fast and Easy provisioning of eservices.
  • Cloud scalability – Upgrades or downgrades are fast and easy, permanently complying with actual requirements and supported by the scalable architecture and virtualized environment.
  • Performance is insured by the state-of-the-art infrastructure.
  • Improved Security for the Government IT environments.
  • Allows Government entities to focus on their core business rather by insuring fast response and support regarding their IT requirements.
  • System will permanently run on latest platform in the cloud, no legacy system.