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Information Security

All what you need to know about information security.

Information Security Management Framework

The framework aims to ensure the protection of information assets from unauthorized access to or modification information, whether in storage, processing, or transit. It also aims to protect against the denial of service to authorized users or the provision of service to unauthorized users, including those measures necessary to detect, document and counter such threats.

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OCERT was officially launched in April 2010 to analyses risks and security threats that may occur in the cyberspace and to raise awareness about such threats and ways of protection among Internet users and public or private institutions. To go to OCERT website. 

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Cybercrime Law

The formulation of this law begins a new era for Oman, where a truly e-enabled society evolves in the realisation of the digital society of Sultanate. It is a major milestone in the implementation of the national IT strategy by the Information Technology Authority of Oman. To get an electronic copy, click here

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eTransactions Law

The Law of Electronic Transactions aims to legalize the use of electronic transactions. It is designed to ensure that a transaction is not invalid simply because it took place by means of electronic form of communication.

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