The National Center for Space, AI and Advanced Technologies

The National Center for AI & Advanced Technologies was established in 2020 in the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology.

The National Program for AI and advanced technologies

The national program for AI and advanced technologies was established in 2020 as a part of the organizational charter of MTCIT..

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National Space Program

Since time immemorial Ancient Omanis paid great attention to useful sciences and astronomy in particular. They benefited from it, and employed it in the requirements of their daily lives, worship, and travels in several fields, including agriculture, navigation, and architecture.


Those who were leaders and figures inscribed their names in the record of the great and honorable civilizational history of the Sultanate emerged. Today, with the increasing interest in the space sector in the renewed renaissance of the Sultanate, the National Center for Space, Advanced Technology, and AI has been established within the structure of the Ministry of Transport, Communications, and Information Technology to advance this vital sector.


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