MTCIT launches the test version of the unified Government services catalogue

MTCIT launches the test version of the unified Government services catalogue

December 12, 2022

The Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology (MTCIT) has launched the test version of the Unified Government Services catalogue, which is one of the most important outputs of the initiative to categorize and develop the central digital system for indexing and managing services in the Digital Transformation Program 2021-2025.


Goals of the Unified catalogue

The Ministry has prepared the catalogue jointly with government entities and aims to provide details of government services. It will contribute in increasing transparency, improving the quality of services, and providing content that serves the various categories of beneficiaries (external public and government institutions) as well displays the most important data that the beneficiary is looking for.

 The catalogue also aims to save material cost by investing in designing a unified directory of government services that allows other institutions to integrate with it to fetch data. Additionally, it unifies and organizes the management of the government services directory and the content of the manuals in government institutions in terms of containing basic data for service details. Moreover, it provides reports and statistics to follow up the development and maturity of government services, and lastly contributing to decision-making based on the outputs and indicators of the guide.

The unified catalogue contents


The catalogue outlines the services of 51 government entities and more than 3000 services. Moreover, it showcases the updated procedural services of 2022.Additionally its categories services into individuals and businesses. Each service within the catalogue contain its full information, the needed conditions and documents, the service stages and its customer services contacts.



The unified catalogue features

The catalogue features a swift search engine using the latest technologies. Furthermore, it features the option for searching using the service name or the name of the entity as well Voice search. Another feature is the option for sorting search and listing by the name of the Government entity and the categorization of the service. The catalogue Got the tools needed to be shared with social media platforms and be downloaded as pdf.

Visitors count can be viewed on the catalogue, not to mention its responsiveness to the various smart devices. Moreover, the dynamic pages that the catalogue features which is being backed by the government services evaluation system. Furthermore, it is regulated by a management of content on the entities level and the services level.


The catalogue can be reviewed by visiting the following link:

eAssessment (