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Adopting FOSS as Key Engine for Technology Localization and innovation, Participants at FOSSC-Oman 2019 Recommend

Adopting FOSS as Key Engine for Technology Localization and innovation, Participants at FOSSC-Oman 2019 Recommend

13 Feb 2019

Amidst wide participation, the fourth edition of the Free and Open Source Conference FOSSC, was concluded yesterday in the SQU Conference Hall.

The 2day conference was concluded with high satisfaction and the good organization of the conference and its success was commended, and participants called for its continuation every two years to increase awareness of free and open source software and its role in modern digital technologies to keep up with the developments during the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The participants also commended the efforts of government agencies and academic institutions in supporting free and open source software in the Sultanate. It was recommended to strengthen these efforts and raise awareness of this software in various educational institutions and in public and private institutions.

In addition, the participants praised Oman Free and Open Source Software Platform which was announced at the opening of the conference and recommended that this project be strengthened by launching a national free and open source software support center in Oman, in partnership with the public and private sectors. This can start as a non-profit institution that builds upon global experiences.

Furthermore, the participants recommended the adoption of free and open source software to become the engine for localization of technology, innovation and entrepreneurship, and linking this with Oman's national strategies, especially for the ICT sector.

The Free and open source software conference (FOSSC’2019-Oman) is jointly organized by the Communication and Information Research center (CIRC) at sultan Qaboos University (SQU) and the Information Technology Authority to support the national initiative on FOSS. It is scheduled for two days and aims at disseminating the use and development of free and open source software for professionals, staff, students, and the community in Oman.

The conference is scheduled every two years; the first edition was on February 2013 under the theme «Successful Deployment Experiences», the second edition was on February 2015 with the theme «FOSS Opportunities & Communities», and the third edition was on February 2017 under the theme “Deployment Strategies & Practices ". FOSSC’2019-Oman is held on 11th and 12th February 2019 under the theme “FOSS as Driver for Technology Transfer, Innovation & Entrepreneurship". The conference targets ICT companies and professionals, researchers, faculties, staff, students and the broader FOSS community.