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IT Forum Discusses Digital Transformation, Automation Strategies and Artificial Intelligence

IT Forum Discusses Digital Transformation, Automation Strategies and Artificial Intelligence

18 Dec 2018

In collaboration with the Information Technology Authority (ITA), IDC organized aIDC IT Forum Roadshow 2018 under the theme of "Digital Transformation: Strategies for Automation, Innovation and Intelligence". The event was with the presence of Dr. Salim Bin Sultan Alruzaiqi, CEO of ITA and a number of specialists from government and private organizations.

The forum, which was organized previously in Bahrain, Qatar and Saudi Arabia and is scheduled to be organized after the Sultanate in Lebanon and Pakistan, aims to discuss the latest trends towards digital transformation and the required infrastructure to enable and implement ICT strategies. The forum also discussed ways to address the growing growth of security threats and vulnerabilities In cyberspace. In addition, it focused on the factors leading to the acceleration of digital transformation, including intelligent uses of cloud computing and Internet of things.

In his keynote speech, Dr. Salim bin Sultan Alruzaiqi, CEO of ITA, said “The eTransformation witnessed remarkable advancement in Oman in 2018 and there is a significant development in the integration of eGovernment services. International indicators, especially the UN e-government report 2018, confirmed that the Sultanate has made progress in the index of e-government development, eServices and eParticipation, and ranked one of the top 10 countries in the world in cybersecurity.

"We are working on adopting the 4th Industrial Revolution technologies in specific fields with the focus on providing training programs on these technologies to develop the capacity of our human resources,” he added. “the adoption of new technologies is important, but they are not effective without a good structure of data, organization and provision of accurate information and this is our main priority,” he further went on. Alruzaiqi continued ”The required skills for the job market have changed due to the development of the 4th industrial revolution technologies , so we have to provide training programs that take into account building capacity for future skills.

Recent data from IDC indicate that 89% of enterprises in the Middle East believe that digital transformation is the focus of their business strategies and that by 2019, spending on digital initiatives will reach $ 2.2 trillion, as an increase of 60% compared to 2016. In addition, by 2020, about half of the 2,000 companies operating internationally will be dependent on their ability to produce digital products, services and expertise.