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Sas Tech Startup Launches its ePlatform (Clnix.com)

Sas Tech Startup Launches its ePlatform (Clnix.com)

17 Dec 2018

The Information Technology Authority (ITA), represented by Sas Center for Entrepreneurship , celebrated the website launch of Advanced Dimensions which is one of the startups incubated at the center since 2018. The celebration was under the patronage of HH Sayyida Dr. Basma Bint Fakhri Alsaid at Sas Center for Mobile Applications Development and with the attendance of a number of officials from ITA.

Advanced dimensions

"our website is a reference and search engine for medical and dental clinics, in order to facilitate the process of selecting the right clinic for patients in the Sultanate," said Munira al Husseini, Director of clnix.com. “the company seeks to reach as many users as possible and to bring more clinics to the website. The company joined Sas Center for Entrepreneurship because it is an incubator that further advances and develops IT projects which serve the public,” she went on.

It is worth mentioning that SAS center is the first specialized center aims at incubating the emerging projects and companies in ICT field in the Sultanate, encouraging the entrepreneurs to establish IT projects in the Sultanate and  contributing in attracting local and international investments in this field. In addition, it seeks to providing job opportunities for the citizens and encouraging them to enter the field of self-employment and entrepreneurship and produce some IT products instead of importing them. The incubated companies are provided with various services and facilities including an office in the knowledge Oasis – Muscat, technical consultancies, in addition to accounting, financial, marketing and legal services.