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80 Kids Learn Robotics and Programming at ITA Kids Innovation Theater

80 Kids Learn Robotics and Programming at ITA Kids Innovation Theater

16 Aug 2018

In partnership with Middle East College, Oman LNG, Innotech, Engineering for Kids and Cisco, the Information Technology Authority (ITA) celebrated, in the Middle East College, the conclusion of the activities of the 3 weeks program “IT Kids Innovation Theatre” (IT KIT), in Muscat, through which 40 kids were trained on robotics, programming, networks and information security.

At the end of the program, Mr. Hassan Fida Allawati, DG, Digital Society Development Division at ITA says “The program was held in the Middle East College, Muscat, during the period from 29 July to 16 August while it was held in Salalah for the first time, at the premises of the Public Authority for Civil Aviation during the period from 29 July to 9 August. The program witnessed great interest as the total number of applicants reached around 500: 360 registrants in Muscat and 160 in Salalah among which 80 participants were selected through personal interviews.”

“We conduct the program for the third consecutive year believing that kids are an integral part of the society who use technology most than other segments. We believe that the continuation of such initiatives and programs is of paramount importance to prepare the future generation for the fourth industrial revolution,” he further explained.

“We appreciate all the government and private organizations partnering with us in this initiative and we look forward for similar cooperation in the future,” he added.
ITA organized this program aiming at developing kids’ knowledge and abilities in IT, encouraging them to utilize their IT knowledge and imagination to produce creative services and products, and qualifying them to be IT entrepreneurs in the future.
On the benefit of the program, Hassan bin Abdullah Al-Rahbi said, "During the program, I learned to convert twoD shapes into 3D , along with the characteristics of each type, as well as the fundamentals of creating 3d shapes.”

"Before joining the program, I did not know the difference between the 2D and 3D shapes, but this program taught me to differentiate between them. In addition, I learned about the materials used to print 3D shapes and some information about security issues," said Mariam Bint Abdulrahman al-Zadjalii. Al-Fadl bin Harith Al-Hinai also said, "I am interested in such programs and I am trying to develop my skills. The program gave me an opportunity to learn how to implement and design 3D shapes and their integration with each other. Nawar bint Abdulaziz Al-Raisi, added “the program helped us to develop our skills in robotics and programming and to create useful innovations.”

The program targeted kids between 9-12 years old who are familiar with some basic skills in IT such as using computer, running programs and some basic applications. This year, the program focused on two main topics: Programming and Robotics, and it included a set of activities such as workshops, project planning, preparation and implementation, and personal skills enhancement.