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ITA 6th Annual Report

The Information Technology Authority (ITA) is currently preparing its sixth annual report for 2012. This report exhibits a walk-through of ITA’s projects and initiatives which have been accomplished on various areas of focus.

A number of infrastructure projects to further build the e-Oman strategy has been achieved which definitely made great strides towards meeting the objectives of the national strategy to build an Omani digital society as well as the e-government project, as illustrated by the report.

Based on these guidelines, e-Oman strategy has been updated for the next five years in an attempt to pay more attention to the areas of society’s capacity development as well as enhancing the skills of individuals. This is in addition to e-government and e-services development, expansion of the information technology sector, corporate governance, improvement on standards and regulations, development of national infrastructures, and finally promotion and awareness.

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29 Jul 2013
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