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Presentation: Green ICT 1


E-Government enables delivery of services and their consumption using a range of electronic channels. The design, development, deployment and use of these services and information come at price. The use of energy and resources for communications and computing is now abundant causing us to ensure that we care of our environment adequately. ITA as a governing body envisions a nationwide Green ICT strategy that aims to measure and control our carbon footprints through committed methods and responsible use of ICT.


Matthew Rajendra, Regional Director, Green Computing Institute, Malaysia (National Green strategy Expert)


• Create the knowledge society of Oman in a responsible way by the efficient and sustainable use of ICT.
• Realize ownership and adherence to national standard in Green Computing by establishing a wider framework for sustainable progress.
• Build a balance between modernization of service delivery and conservation of Oman’s resources and preservation of its clean environment.
• Promote eco-friendly behavior through best practices within the community at work as well as homes.
• Scope of the National Green ICT Strategy, the enablers, the key drivers and governance
• Recognize excellence is the delivery of electronic services with due to responsible computing and green realization through HM’s E-Government Awards.

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15 Jul 2013
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