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National PC Initiative Booklet

Realizing the need to transform Oman into a sustainable knowledgebased society, the Sultanate of Oman through the National Strategy for Digital Oman and eGovernment set in place plans and mechanisms to achieve this goal. On the basis of this strategy, the e.oman initiative was born, leveraging information & communications technologies (ICT) designed to enhance government services, enrich businesses, and empower individuals to interact with the digital environment. The e.oman strategy aims to create an integrated infrastructure for the provision of eGovernment services for the citizens and the business sector in the Sultanate, develop a robust ICT industry, and provide various job opportunities for citizens. The e.oman strategy has since generated a number of projects that serve different segments of the society and facilitate access to a digital Oman society and eGovernment.

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16 Apr 2013
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