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OCERT Brochure

In a matter of very few years, the Internet has consolidated itself as a very powerful medium that has changed the way we communicate and interact on both professional and personal levels. And with the increase of such traffic, there is an increased need to build a sustainable secured environment to ensure that all ICT users feel safe and secure using their PCs offline or while browsing the Internet. Such assurances will positively aid in achieving e.oman’s vision of transforming the Sultanate into a sustainable knowledge society. By providing a sense of security this will lead to an increase in the use of IT technologies within the Sultanate.

There is no doubt that issues of information safety and security have become the most import tant pillars of the digital economy, to ensure the protection of scientific data, commercial and personal information from any abuse attempt or vandalism, and as well to ensure the safety and integrity of the information. Without information security we will lose the significance and usefulness of the global information society. Therefore, information security is extremely important due to the size of the growing threats which keep increasing day after day.

OCERT (Oman National Computer Emergency Readiness Team) was established to face these challenges and to serve as the trusted focal point of contact for any ICT security incident in the Sultanate, focusing on cyber safety and security and, to serve all information technology users in Oman, whether from the government sector, private sector, or individuals.

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16 Apr 2011
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